We have gotten some beautiful kittens out of these girls and want them to have many years to come to relax and just be someone’s pet. Unless otherwise noted, they have already been placed in their wonderful forever home.


Miss Elsie is now living with a good friend of ours and we are happy to report that she thriving. She is a beautiful seal mitted mink.


Kimber was our very first female Ragdoll and will always hold a very special place in our hearts. She was everything that a Ragdoll was supposed to be and made us fall completely in love with the breed. She is with a good family friend in Wisconsin enjoying her retirement! She is a blue cream tortie bicolor.


Kona was one of our very first queens and definitely left a legacy here. She had some stunning kittens and her beauty will live on here forever through her offspring that we kept. She is also a seal mitted mink.