Available ragdoll kittens:

Delivery to Omaha or Lincoln, Nebraska available as well as Des Moines or Ames, Iowa areas.

***Updated February 13, 2024***

Please bear with us as we work through all of our messages, we are several weeks behind right now between the overwhelming amount of contacts we have had and the general chaos of life!

Please contact us if you have questions about any of the currently listed kittens – we don’t always have time to update the website immediately.

Please contact us directly to see if kittens listed are still available!

We can create any color of Ragdoll depending on the litter. Seal, Blue, Red, Chocolate, Lilac & Cinnamon in Traditional, Mink, Sepia, Solid, Tortie, Mitted, Bicolor, Colorpoint, Lynx and Torbie!

Blue Mink Colorpoint Girl

Blue Mink Colorpoint (Girl)


Seal Sepia Lynx Colorpoint Boy

Seal Sepia Lynx Colorpoint (Boy)


Chocolate Mink Lynx Colorpoint Girl

Chocolate Mink Lynx Colorpoint (Girl)


Blue Eyed White Female

Blue Eyed White (Girl)


Traditional Blue Mitted Tortie Girl

Traditional Blue Mitted Tortie (Girl)


Traditional Seal Mitted Boy

Traditional Seal Mitted (Boy)


Solid Chocolate Bicolor Boy 1

Solid Chocolate Bicolor (Boy)


Traditional Seal Mitted Girl

Traditional Seal Mitted (Girl)


Chocolate Mink Colorpoint Girl

Chocolate Mink Colorpoint (Girl)


Solid Black Boy

Solid Black (Boy)


Solid Chocolate Boy

Solid Chocolate (Boy)


Traditional Blue Mitted Tortie Girl #2

Traditional Blue Mitted Tortie (Girl #2)


***Placing a deposit on a kitten means that you are serious about it and want us to save that particular kitten for you. It is meant to ensure us that kitten has a home and that we can turn others away when inquiring on that particular kitten. Therefore, all deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE. Please do not ask us to refund your deposit in the case that you change your mind as that is not on us. If you back out, we will use that deposit to care for the kitten until we can find it the proper home and put it towards the time we have spent preparing things for that kitten to go home with you that we will no longer need because you failed to follow through on your end of the deal.***

If you don’t see something you like, please call or text Amy at (515) 370 – 0971 or e-mail us at rusticragdolls@gmail.com. We are much more responsive to emails and texts, but it will likely still take us a few days to respond as we have a lot of inquiries. We don’t always have time to upload pictures of kittens to our website before they are gone!